How To Add A New Blog Post In WordPress

Last Updated on June 4, 2021

Adding a new blog post in WordPress is usually one of the first things that users learn when they first start a WordPress blog or site. In this post, we cover three different ways on how to add a new blog post in WordPress step by step.

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Video Tutorial: How To Add A New Blog Post In WordPress


How To Add A New Blog Post In WordPress

The first thing you want to do is head on over to the WordPress dashboard.  Over on the left-hand side, you want to find the ‘Posts’ tab.  Hover over the ‘Posts’ tab and you will see ‘All Posts’ and ‘Add New’. Click on ‘Add New.’




You are now brought to the edit post page where you can begin creating your new blog post and making edits.




That was easy, wasn’t it?  That was one of the three ways you can add a new blog post in WordPress. Keep reading on to learn the other two ways.

Way Two: Adding New Blog Posts In WordPress

From the WordPress dashboard, you want to find the ‘Posts’ tab over on the left-hand side.  Hover over it, and you will see ‘All Posts’ as an option.  ‘Select All Posts’.




Once you select ‘All Posts’ you will see an add new button towards the top left of the page.  Select the add new button, and you can start adding your new post in WordPress.



Way Three: Create A Post In WordPress From An Existing Post

Let’s say you have already created a post or you are making edits to an existing post in WordPress. You will find towards the top of the edit post page an ‘Add New’ button. Select ‘Add New’ to add a new blog post in WordPress from that existing post.




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Final Thoughts

We hope this article helped you and showed you how to add a new blog post in WordPress.

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