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Hostgator VPS Hosting Coupon Code
VPS Hosting
Get 75% off VPS hosting with this Hostgator discount.

Hostgator VPS Coupon Code

If you haven’t already, click here to be taken to Hostgator
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Video Tutorial: Hostgator VPS Coupon Code

Learn better with video? Follow along with our tutorial
on how to claim your Hostgator VPS coupon code.

Hostgator VPS Hosting Coupon Code 🔥 (75% OFF VPS Discount!)

How to

Use Hostgator VPS Discount

To get your Hostgator VPS Hosting Coupon Discount click here to be taken to Hostgator. Once you click the link you’ll be at the Hostgator VPS hosting page.


You’ll see three different Hostgator VPS plans the Snappy 2,000, Snappy 4,000, and the Snappy 8,000. You’ll see you’ll get up to 75% off Hostgator VPS hosting for any of the plans.

You’ll get the Hostgator Snappy 2000 plan for as low as $23.95 a month.


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You’ll get the Hostgator Snappy 4000 plan for as low as $34.95 a month.


You’ll get the Hostgator Snappy 8000 plan for as low as $59.95 a month.


Find the Hostgator VPS plan that you would like and click the buy now button to proceed in signing up for Hostgator.


Next, you want to choose a domain name. You’ll see the free 1-year domain registration. This is only for shared, cloud, or WordPress hosting plans.

However, you will get a domain discount along with the 75% off Hostgator VPS discount by using our exclusive Hostgator promo code.

You’ll see where you can enter a domain name. Type in a domain that you would like to have and it’ll tell you if it is available or not.


If you already own a domain name you would select I already own this domain tab and type in the domain name that you already own.

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If you are registering your domain name with Hostgator then you will see a domain privacy section selected. You can keep this selected or unselect this. Completely up to you.


I do recommend domain privacy as it will keep your personal contact information private and prevent telemarketers from calling you with their services and from receiving spam emails.

By selecting domain privacy protection Hostgator’s information will show and not yours.


Next, you’ll be at the choose a hosting plan section. Under the Control Panel section you can choose between No Control Panel or cPanel.


By default, the no control panel option is selected.


If you aren’t experienced with managing a VPS I recommend you select the Add cPanel option.


Next, scroll down to the create your Hostgator account section. Input the email address and password you’ll be using with Hostgator along with a security pin.

The security pin is used if you need to contact Hostgator support so they can verify your account.


Next, scroll down to the payment information section and fill out the information to continue getting your Hostgator VPS hosting for up to 75% off.


Next, you can select from optional Hostgtor add-ons consisting of:

Next, you’ll be at the enter a coupon code section. Replace the Hostgator promo code that is there with CUPID60 to take advantage of the Hostgator VPS hosting coupon.

Once you click the validate button the Hostgator VPS coupon discount has been applied.


Scroll back up to the choose a hosting plan section.


Click under the billing cycle and you will see the discounted pricing for Hostgator VPS hosting based on the term you go with.

Here’s the Hostgator VPS hosting coupon pricing for the no control panel option.


Here’s the Hostgator VPS hosting discounted pricing for the add cPanel option.


Next, scroll down to the review order details section towards the bottom of the page. You will see the Hostgator VPS hosting coupon discount applied.


If you chose to go with a domain name you’ll see you’ll get a domain discount depending on the domain extension you go with.

The most popular domain extension .com will get you a domain for $4.99 for the first year instead of the full price of $17.99.


This wraps up our Hostgator VPS coupon code offer. If you haven’t already click here to be taken to Hostgator to get the Hostgator VPS offer and enter promo code CUPID60 at checkout to complete your Hostgator purchase.

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