Is Bluehost Sitelock Security Essentials Worth It? Do You Need It?

Last Updated on October 14, 2022

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Two common questions asked regarding Bluehost Sitelock Security Essentials are, Is Bluehost Sitelock Security Essentials Worth It? Do I need Bluehost Sitelock Security Essentials?

In this post, we answer these two popular questions asked upon signing up with Bluehost and go in-depth on what Bluehost Sitelock Security Essentials is so that you have a complete understanding of it.

Also, in this post, we will be giving our honest recommendation so that you can make an informed decision on whether or not the Bluehost Package Extras add-on Sitelock Security Essentials will be worth having or not.


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What Is Bluehost Sitelock Security Essentials?

Bluehost Sitelock Security Essentials is a Bluehost package extra add-on service that protects and provides security to your website through its security monitoring tool.

Bluehost Sitelock Security Essentials is a security monitoring tool that scans your website daily to ensure your site hasn’t been hacked and makes sure malware hasn’t been added to your website.

Not only does Bluehost Sitelock Security Essentials protect your site from malware, malicious attacks, and hackers.

In addition, Bluehost Sitelock Security Essentials removes the malware found on your site so that your website is back to its normal functioning state as quickly as possible.

Bluehost Sitelock Security Essentials also comes with blacklist monitoring, keeping search engines from blacklisting your site due to malware by keeping your site protected.


Now let’s go over each part of the add-on to have a complete understanding of it.

To start, let’s cover the scanning of your website and how that works. The add-on will scan your website daily to ensure no malware has been added to your website.

If malware has been added to your site, it will notify you.

Not only will it notify you if malware has been added to your site, but it will also automatically remove the malware found so that your site stays safe and protected.

Another important feature is it will protect your site from being blacklisted by Google and other search engines.

If malware is on your site, search engines will pick up on this and start showing a red screen to users trying to visit your site.

This will also lead to search engines blacklisting your website, which means your search rankings and being found on the search engines goes away. This is not something you want to happen to your website.

With Sitelock Security Essentials, it will keep this from happening as it scans your site daily for malware, notifies you if malware has been found, and will remove the malware keeping your site safe.

Video Tutorial: Is Bluehost Sitelock Security Essentials Worth It? Do You Need It?

Is Bluehost Sitelock Security Essentials Worth It? Do You Need It? (Review)

Benefits of Sitelock Security

I now want to cover six benefits of Sitelock Security Essentials. The benefits consist of the following:

  • Daily Malware Scans
  • Malware Removal
  • Blacklist Monitoring
  • Security Dashboard
  • Web Application Scanning
  • Verified Security Badge

Now let’s go in-depth on each of the benefits.

Daily Malware Scans

You will receive a daily scan of your website, checking for any malware that has been placed on your site. This will protect you daily if your site is ever hacked and malware is ever added.

You will immediately be notified upon malware being found on your site.

Malware Removal

After a scan has taken place on your site, if malware is detected, not only are you immediately notified, but the malware will be removed so that your site remains safe and protected.

Blacklist Monitoring

Blacklist monitoring protects your site from being blacklisted by Google and other search engines. By having Sitelock Security Essentials, your site is scanned daily, and if malware is found, it is removed.

This allows your site to stay safe from being blacklisted, as search engines know when malware is on your site.

Security Dashboard

The security dashboard is an easy place to monitor your site’s security with an easy-to-use interface.

Web Application Scanning

Your site is scanned, and if any outdated vulnerabilities are found with scripts running on your website or via plugins, the vulnerabilities are stopped, and your site remains protected.

If you use WordPress for your site, WordPress plugins can create vulnerabilities for your site if they are not updated regularly.

This is most common with outdated plugins that are abandoned by the developer who developed the plugin.

Official Verified Security Badge

You’ll get an official verified Sitelock Security badge you can display on your site, providing confidence to your site visitors and customers that your site is protected and secure.

Bluehost Sitelock Pricing

Now that we have covered what Bluehost Sitelock Security Essentials is and its benefits let’s look at the pricing and how much it costs.

Bluehost Sitelock Security Essentials costs $2.99 per month and is billed annually in the amount of $35.88 at the time of checkout. This will give you the add-on for an entire year.


After the year, you can choose to renew Sitelock Security if you’d like. The renewal pricing is $5.99 a month and is billed annually in the amount of $71.88.

Something to note is you can add Bluehost Sitelock Security Essentials to your Bluehost account anytime you’d like.

Maybe you aren’t quite sure if you want Sitelock Security now; you can easily add it from the Bluehost dashboard at any time.

An important note about adding it later is that it will cost you more money.

Instead of paying $2.99 per month equaling $35.88 at the time of initially buying Bluehost web hosting, it will cost you $5.99 a month, equaling $71.88.

In case you want to purchase Sitelock Security Essentials at a later date, here are the steps needed to add it to your Bluehost account.

This is what the Bluehost portal looks like once you have signed up with Bluehost.


Click the Marketplace tab in the left menu.


Find the add-ons tab from the dropdown and click it.


It will not showcase all of the different Bluehost add-ons you can add to your Bluehost account.

Find the Sitelock add-on and click it.


Once you click on the Sitelock add-on you’ll be on the Bluehost Sitelock dashboard.

You will see over to the right under the checkout section, where you can select the domain you want to purchase Sitelock for. Once you have your domain selected, you’ll see under it Essential – $5.99/mo.

Next, agree to the Sitelock terms and click add to cart so you can purchase Sitelock Security Essentials.


Bluehost Sitelock Plans

Bluehost offers three different Sitelock Security plans that you can choose from.

When you are signing up with Bluehost, the plan that is offered is the Bluehost Sitelock Security Essentials plan.

After you have purchased Bluehost hosting, if you go to the Bluehost portal and go to the Sitelock add-ons section and scroll down from the Sitelock add-on page, you will see three different Bluehost Sitelock Security plans you can choose from.

Bluehost Sitelock Security Essentials, Bluehost Sitelock Security Prevent, and Bluehost Sitelock Security Prevent Plus.


For most, the Sitelock Security Essentials plan will do just fine.

All the Bluehost Sitelock plans come with backlist monitoring, file-level scanning, Sitelock Security seal, automatic malware removal, daily malware scans, and unlimited web pages scanned.

The Bluehost Sitelock Security Prevent plan comes with additional features than the Sitelock Security Essentials plan, such as DDOS protection, automated bot blocking, database scanning, Global CDN/WAF, image optimization, dynamics content caching, and a response time of 6 hours.

The Bluehost Sitelock Security Prevent plan costs $14.99 a month and is billed annually, totaling $179.88.

The Bluehost Sitelock Security Prevent Plus comes with all the features that the Bluehost Sitelock Security Prevent plan comes with, plus PCI Compliance Reporting, application patching, the response time of 4 hours, and continuous security scan instead of just one daily one.

The Bluehost Sitelock Security Prevent Plus plan costs $24.99 a month and is billed annually, totaling $299.88.

Bluehost Sitelock Security vs. SSL Certificate

Sitelock Security and SSL Certificates commonly get confused with each other, and these two are in no way the same.

They are both, however, very important for the security of your website. Let’s go in-depth on the differences between the two.

Sitelock Security scans your website for malware added by hackers and will remove the malware.

It will also find vulnerabilities in old, outdated WordPress plugins or through scrips in return, protecting your site from malicious attacks and malware being placed on your site.

An SSL Certificate is a digital certificate that encrypts and authenticates data between web browsers and web servers.

When an SSL Certificate is used on a website, your site URL goes from HTTP, which is un-secure, to HTTPS, which is secure.

You will see a lock icon before your website URL.


Having an SSL Certificate provides protection so that when users purchase something on a website or enter information in a contact form or sign up for an email newsletter, that data is encrypted and served in a way where hackers or malicious attackers can’t access the information.

Bluehost offers free SSL Certificates with all their web hosting plans. An SSL Certificate is a must nowadays.

If your site doesn’t have an SSL Certificate, Google will show users a red screen that blocks your website, and most people don’t know how to get around this screen or will feel unsafe visiting your site further.

An SSL Certificate is also a ranking factor when ranking with search engines.

Bluehost Sitelock Security Alternatives

If you are looking for an alternative to Bluehost Sitelock Security Essentials, there are two alternatives that I highly recommend.

Both alternatives are free, and you can install and activate them in the WordPress dashboard. The Sitelock alternatives that I recommend are Sucuri and All In One Security and Firewall.

Sucuri does have a paid version that offers premium features that might be worth looking into based on your needs.


Bluehost Cancel Sitelock

If you want to cancel Sitelock Security with Bluehost, all you have to do is reach out to their support team and let them know you want to cancel.

You then won’t have to worry about being charged in the future at the time of renewal for another year of Bluehost Sitelock Security.

Is Bluehost Sitelock Security Worth It?

Bluehost Sitelock Security Essentials can be worth it as it protects your website daily from malicious attacks and malware.

Not only does it scan your website daily, but it will remove the malware, so you don’t have to worry about your site being blacklisted by search engines.

It can give you peace of mind knowing that your site is well protected. Bluehost Sitelock Security is an optional package extra add-on and isn’t necessary.

If using WordPress for your website, then one of the alternatives mentioned, such as Sucuri or All In One WP Security and Firewall, might work just fine based on your needs.

Does Bluehost Have Malware Protection

Yes, Bluehost does have malware protection. Bluehost offers malware protection through their package extra add-on known as Bluehost Sitelock Security Essentials.

Does Bluehost Protect Your Website

Yes, Bluehost protects your website from malicious attacks, hackers, and malware if you get their package extra add-on known as Bluehost Sitelock Security Essentials.

Here’s a helpful guide going over how to build a website with Bluehost.

Here’s a helpful guide on how to start a WordPress blog on Bluehost.

Final Thoughts

We hope you found this article helpful and that it helped you have a complete understanding of not only what Bluehost Sitelock Security Essentials is, but if you do need this package extra offered by Bluehost.

Let us know in the comments below if you liked this post! We would love to hear from you.

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