Is Bluehost Package Extras Worth It? Do You Need It?

Last Updated on January 22, 2023

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Two common questions asked when signing up with Bluehost are, is Bluehost package extras worth it? Do I need Bluehost package extras?

In this post, we go in-depth on each Bluehost package extra so that you have a complete understanding of what each of the Bluehost package extra add-ons is.

We also go in-depth on which Bluehost package extra add-ons are good to have, and which ones are unnecessary to choose.

Knowing what each of the add-on services is under the Bluehost package extras section can save you money as you don’t want to buy something you don’t need.


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Bluehost Package Extras

The Bluehost package extras consist of Domain Privacy + Protection, Codeguard Basic, Yoast SEO Premium, Single Domain SSL, Google Workspace Business Starter, and Sitelock Security Essential.


Bluehost SEO Tools Start and Microsoft 365 Mailbox were once offered at checkout under the Bluehost package extras section. They are now offered once you sign up with Bluehost in the Bluehost dashboard under Marketplace and add-ons.


Now the big question is, which of these Bluehost package extra add-ons do you really need?

Let’s now go in-depth on each Bluehost package extra, so you know what each is and if you need it.

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Video Tutorial: Is Bluehost Package Extras Worth It? Do I Need It?

Is Bluehost Package Extras Worth It? 🔥 Do You Need It? Updated Review!

Domain Privacy + Protection

Bluehost Domain Privacy Protection is an add-on that keeps your personal information private and safe from the public.

When you register a domain name with Bluehost or any company that offers domain names, your personal information such as your contact name, phone number, address, and email address is added to a public database that anyone can access.

The public database is known as the WHOIS Database. All domain names that are registered are added to the WHOIS Database as it is regulated. Your personal information will be safe and private by selecting the Bluehost package extra Domain Privacy + Protection.

Instead of your personal information going out to the WHOIS Database, Bluehost will include their default contact information they use for this. This will protect you from people getting your personal information and protecting you from spammers and telemarketers.


It is very common to get lots of spam and telemarketing emails and calls after registering a new domain name. Companies will pull the public information listed in the WHOIS Database to sell you their product or service.

I’ve experienced this firsthand, and it is overwhelming and doesn’t stop.

My Recommendation: I highly recommend choosing the Domain Privacy + Protection package extra add-on. I use this with every domain name that I purchase. It will keep your personal information safe and protected. Bluehost’s default contact information will be shown instead.

Codeguard Basic


Codeguard basic is a Bluehost package extra add-on that automatically offers website backups, and a one-click website restore option that will restore your site to a previous backup of your choosing with just a click of a button.

The backup part of Bluehost Codeguard basic will do a daily backup of your website and save each backup separately so that if needed, you can use the one-click restore option to go back to any previous backup version that you might need to.


I recommend you have something backing up your site as you never know when something might happen, and you need it.

With backups of your site, you can choose the most previous backup before the change took effect and restore it with no worry.

An example of why you would want to have a website backup is, for some reason, when you are editing the site, you mess something up and can’t get it back to how it was, or your site gets hacked into.

If you will be using WordPress to create your site, you can install a few free backup plugins that do this same thing. The only thing they don’t do is the one-click restore, so you would have to manually restore your site from the backup instead of clicking the restore site option.

Here are two top-rated free WordPress backup plugins to look into:

My Recommendation: This Bluehost package extra isn’t necessary, but it can be convenient if you don’t want to manually upload your site’s backup file. For some, the fact that you can restore the site to a previous backup with a click of a button without doing anything else can mean this Bluehost package extra is worth it.

Bluehost SEO Tools Start

Bluehost SEO Tools Start is a Bluehost tool that will submit your site to search engines, for example, Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The tool will provide you with a detailed report that will help you take action on things to do to help your site rank better.

Bluehost SEO Tools start also provides you with a keyword discovery tool that will help make sure you have relevant keywords, so your site ranks for them. So do you really need this Bluehost package extra add-on?


My Recommendation: No, you do not need Bluehost SEO Tools Start. I would save your money on this one.

Here’s why: It is free to submit your site to search engines. I recommend you sign up with Google Search Console, which is free. You can submit pages, posts, etc., to be crawled on your site. It’ll tell you of any errors that occurred on your site when they were crawling it.

Google Search Console will also tell you what keywords people are typing in Google to get to a page, and you can see what keywords are leading to searches so you can improve your site or write content targeting those keywords.

If you will be using WordPress for your website, WordPress is built for SEO, which already gives you a head start regarding SEO.

With WordPress, there are free SEO plugins such as Yoast SEO and RankMath that do a lot of SEO work for you by guiding you on what to do. These plugins also create XML sitemaps like roadmaps of your website, telling search engines what pages are on your site and what pages to crawl.

Single Domain SSL

Single Domain SSL is a Positive SSL Certificate that protects your site and your site visitors. An SSL Certificate protects your customer’s information on your website, like their credit card information, username, and password.

You will see a padlock icon in your web browser when you visit a site. This lets you know it is secured and encrypted with an SSL Certificate.

Here’s an example from our blog site.


Having an SSL Certificate on your site is highly recommended as it is a ranking factor when ranking with Google and search engines. The Google Chrome browser will even make it hard for people to get to your site as it will have a popup in red saying not secure when someone tries to access your site.

The Single Domain SSL also comes with a dedicated IP, and an internet address dedicated to a single hosting account. With a Dedicated IP, your IP address won’t be shared with lots of other people.

So do you really need this Bluehost package extra add-on?

My Recommendation: No, you don’t need the Single Domain SSL package extra. I recommend you save your money on this one.

Here’s why: Bluehost already offers you a free Shared SSL Certificate that you can implement in your Bluehost dashboard once you have signed up with Bluehost. The Shared SSL Certificate is an SSL Certificate shared with multiple sites on the same IP address.

Your site won’t get your own SSL certificate. For most, the paid Positive SSL Certificate isn’t necessary. If you are making a lot of money from the get-go, getting the Single Domain SSL add-on might be worth it to you. I recommend starting with the free one and upgrading in the future when you see fit.

Microsoft 365 Mailbox


Microsoft 365 Mailbox is an add-on that offers the service email essentials which Microsoft powers.

It gives you a branded email ending with your own domain name, a safe and reliable email platform you can trust, access to your email and calendars 24/7 on any device, 24/7 technical support, and world-class security and disaster recovery.


My Recommendation: No, you don’t need the Microsoft 365 Mailbox add-on. I recommend you save your money.

Here’s why: You get free email accounts ending on your domain name with Bluehost. You can easily set them up with Gmail, Apple Mail, or any email provider you currently use. Those email platforms have excellent security as well. After the 30-day free trial, you will be charged as low as $2.99 a month.

Sitelock Security-Essential


Bluehost Sitelock Security-Essentials is a third-party service offered by Bluehost to protect your site from malware and malicious attacks.

SiteLock Security-Essential provides:

  • The service of google blacklist monitoring
  • Scanning 5 to 10 pages on your site
  • Limited malware detection

My Recommendation: No, I don’t recommend this Bluehost package extra add-on. I would save your money on this add-on. If you will be using WordPress for your site, there are free WordPress plugins that will secure and scan your site. A popular free security WordPress plugin is Wordfence.

We’ve now covered all the Bluehost package extras add-on services. You should now have a good understanding of what each Bluehost package extra is and if you do need any of them.

Is Bluehost Package Extras Worth It?

Bluehost’s Domain Privacy + Protection package extra is worth having. Codeguard Basic can be worth having. The other package extras such as Bluehost SEO Tools Start, Single Domain SSL, Microsoft 365 Mailbox, Yoast SEO Premium, and Sitelock Security Essential are not necessary and are up to you to get.

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Final Thoughts

We hope you found this Bluehost Package Extras article helpful and that it helped you decide if you do need any of the Package Extras that Bluehost offers.

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