10 Outstanding Ideas for Your Website Content

There’s a reason that WordPress makes it so easy to add new content or update existing pages. Website content is something that should get updated consistently. However, you can’t just add any content simply because it’s new.

The key to content marketing and keeping your website relevant and fresh is to create content that people want to read, watch, or engage with.


To get you started, we’ve rounded up 10 great ideas for your blog and website:

1. Case Studies

Nothing helps sell your brand better than proving to people how well you’ve worked with others.

Case studies can showcase how your business deals with difficult situations, how you’re able to pivot when things don’t go as expected, or how you’ll always ensure that your clients are happy with what you provide.

2. Surveys Or Polls

Customers want to know that their opinions and ideas mean something to you as a brand. Asking people what they think about a particular item that you sell or for feedback on the way you do business is always good content for your website.

You’ll also see some great spikes in traffic and conversions when you actively ask people to interact with your content.

3. Meet The Team

Showing the human side of your business is a great way to engage with your target audience. It’s always a good idea to have a page on your website that highlights at least the core members of your business.

You can also do more in-depth blog posts where you introduce more employees or highlight different divisions or teams within the company.

4. Guest Posts

A guest post is when you get someone from outside of your company to write a blog post for your website. To maximize the ROI of a guest post, it’s important to ensure that the people who write on your website are industry leaders or have some form of authority on the topic. 

When they add their name to your website, they’re putting their stamp of approval on your brand.

You’re also opening your business up to their followers, especially if they then share the post to their own social media profiles.

5. Industry Or Brand News

It’s important to show that you’re up to date with what’s going on in the world around you. If big changes are happening in your industry, make sure that you have a blog post or two that covers what’s happening and how it will impact the way you do business.

The same goes for big changes to your company. A high-level or chief officer coming on board, a shifting of policy to accommodate changes in customer behavior, or a new product launch are all stories worth publishing.

6. Bust Some Myths

It’s easy to get stuck in a particular way of thinking. If your potential customers are holding back because of a myth, you need to show them that they’re wrong.

For example, small businesses might think that it’s completely impossible for them to get a mobile app to engage their customers. If your business is a custom software company and wants to bring on small organizations as clients, you need to show them that it’s affordable and possible. Bust the myth that custom software and mobile apps are only for large corporations.

7. How-To Instructions

Tutorials, how-to posts, instructions—whatever you want to call them—will always be a winner on the internet. If you sell a product, create how-to blog posts or videos about how your customer will use it.

If you provide a service, show the reader or viewer how to get the most out of that service. Just ensure that you have high-quality product photos and videos that showcase your brand in the best possible way.

8. Trend Alerts

As with the point about news, it’s great to show your customers that you’re up on what is trending in your industry and that you can even forecast what’s coming next.

Blog posts that highlight current trends for a particular part of your business or trends that are on the horizon always make for interesting reading.

To give you an idea of this theory out into practice, an interior decorating business can do seasonal posts and let readers (and potential customers) in on what color schemes or fabric choices are right for their homes in winter.

9. Curated Lists

Lists always make for impactful content on a website. How often have you stopped to click on an article with a title like Top 5 Reasons For…

When you combine that with curated content from a variety of high-quality sources, you’re once again showing your readers that your website is up to date with what’s happening in the world and that you have high-authority input for your brand. 

Let’s say you have a business selling hair care products. You can do lists of the latest hairstyles. In an article like this, you can include pictures of celebrities showing off the styles and quotes from stylists about how to achieve the look in the pictures. This is also a great opportunity to embed a video or two that relates to the topic.  

10. Big Announcements

Of course, your website is a place for letting customers know exactly what is happening in your business. 

Big announcements about new team members, changes to your product range, new offerings that you’re launching, special deals, and competitions—all of these are important topics for content on your website. They’ll also help to bring engagement from customers, especially content about competitions or special deals.

Create Website Content That Inspires And Intrigues


It’s so important to ensure that the content on your website is high quality and engaging. With a solid content marketing strategy, you’ll be able to bring customers back to your website again and again, resulting in more sales for your business.

You’re also likely to see that content get shared by your customers, opening your brand up to new people and widening your customer base significantly.

Just remember, it’s important to take these content ideas and make them relevant to your brand. These are the types of content that work well, but you need to make them your own so that your website stands out from the crowd.

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