How To Uninstall WordPress From Hostgator

Last Updated on July 5, 2022

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It’s very common for users using WordPress and Hostgator to want to uninstall, remove, or delete WordPress from Hostgator.

Two common reasons why you might find yourself wanting to remove WordPress from Hostgator is you need a clean start on your site, and sometimes it’s just better to uninstall WordPress from Hostgator and start fresh.

Another common reason is you want to go with another site builder other than WordPress like Drupal, Joomla, Or Magento.

No matter the reason behind you wanting to delete WordPress from your Hostgator account this post will show you how to uninstall WordPress from Hostgator in just a few minutes.


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Video Tutorial: How To Uninstall WordPress From Hostgator cPanel

How To Uninstall WordPress From Hostgator cPanel 🔥 (UPDATED Tutorial!)

How To Uninstall WordPress From Hostgator cPanel

There are five steps to removing WordPress from Hostgator and two additional steps that are entirely optional.

Let’s get started in our how to uninstall WordPress from Hostgator tutorial.

The first step is to manually uninstall WordPress from Hostgator via cPanel.

Head on over to the Hostgator cPanel login page to log in to Hostgator.


Once logged in you will be at the Hostgator cPanel dashboard.


You want to find the section named files and click on file manager under that section.


You will now be on the file manager page as seen below.


You will see a folder named public_html. Click the plus sign that you see next to it.


Next, find the domain name that is associated with the WordPress account you want to be deleted. Click the domain name folder.


Find the wp-config.php file and select it. Now select the editor tab found towards the top of the page.


A popup will show. Just click the edit button to continue with our how to uninstall WordPress from Hostgator guide.


Next, find the database name when the file opens using the text editor. You will see the database name towards the top of the code.

Here’s a screenshot of what the code will look like. Keep in mind your database name will be different than what is shown.


You want to remember your database name as we will need it in the next step in our how to uninstall WordPress from Hostgator tutorial.

To make things easier, I recommend you copy and paste your database name into notepad, so you don’t forget it. Once you are done, you can close this tab out.

Next, we can delete WordPress from Hostgator. Find the select all tab towards the top of the page and select it.

You will see the delete tab to the left of the select all tab. Click delete to proceed with deleting WordPress from Hostgator.


Next, in our how to uninstall WordPress from Hostgator tutorial you want to go back to the Hostgator cPanel page.

Scroll down to the section named databases. Find My SQL Databases and select it.


Once it is opened, scroll down towards the bottom of the page, and you will see a list of all the databases you have in your Hostgator account.

Find the database name you copied into notepad or remembered from the previous step. Click the delete database link to complete the steps in deleting WordPress from Hostgator.


Next, scroll down to the current users and delete the user for the database you just deleted.


You have successfully removed WordPress from Hostgator manually via cPanel.

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Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed our step-by-step guide on how to uninstall WordPress from Hostgator.

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