What Is Visual Editor In WordPress

Last Updated on March 8, 2021

You might be asking what is visual editor in WordPress? The WordPress visual editor is a rich text editor that is found in the WordPress post edit screen.

You will find two different editors in the post edit screen. WordPress visual editor and WordPress text editor. In this post, we go in-depth at what the visual editor is in WordPress.

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Video Tutorial: What is Visual Editor in WordPress?

What Is Visual Editor In WordPress | WordPress Visual Editor Tutorial

What is Visual Editor in WordPress?

WordPress visual editor mode is a lot like Microsoft Word. When you make edits to your post using the WordPress visual editor, it will look just like it does when you publish your post.

WordPress comes with TinyMCE, which is an open source HTML editor and is one of the most advanced WYSIWYG HTML editors.

TinyMCE mimics the behavior of popular publishing tools such as Microsoft Word and has a lot of features that are found in Microsoft Word like a toolbar making it easy to format your content.

Visual Editor makes writing posts and formatting them easy. It eliminates the need to write them in HTML. Since the visual editor is a visual text editor you can see the image right inside the editor like you would see on the published post page. The toolbar provided in visual editor has a lot of great features that make aligning your text, images, and buttons easy.

I provided an image of the toolbar below that showcases all of the formatting options I just mentioned including making the font bold and italic, aligning paragraphs, spell checking, and adding quotes.

You will see the “add media” button in the top left that allows you to add images to your post.

In the top right you will see where it says visual and text. This is the WordPress visual editor and WordPress text editor. You can easily toggle between the visual editor and text editor.



I do not recommend that you toggle between the visual editor and the text editor when you’re writing your post. It’s very common that when doing so, the formatting of your post gets messed up. Click here to learn more about what can happen if you switch between the WordPress visual and text editor mode while creating your post and what you can do to fix the problem if it happens.

One of the cool things about TinyMCE is that features can be added to it. This is helpful to WordPress plugin developers as they can add features they might want to visual editor’s toolbar.

Another cool thing about TinyMCE is themes can add their own styles to the visual editor so that they can use the same style rules as the live site.

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